Property and Casualty

We cannot predict the future but what we can control is how much protection your business has. If you are able to rest assured you are properly insured and your risks are managed appropriately, you can focus on a successful path forward. What makes Cain Insurance Solutions more than just an insurance agency is the relationship we establish with each of our clients. We strive to have a deep understanding of your business, your goals, and your budget.  If we can see the big picture, we can use our expertise to build a creative and holistic solution for EVERY business no matter how big or small. 

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General Liability

No matter the precautions taken, a company’s operations and activities, including products and how they are distributed, have the potential to cause harm (bodily injury or property damage) to a third party.  General Liability Insurance helps protect organizations in the event of these kinds of claims.  General Liability policies may also protect against claims alleging personal or advertising injury such as false arrest, invasion of privacy, false advertising, etc.

Important Note: Professional Services are typically excluded by General Liability policies.  Therefore, contact one of our consultants to determine if additional coverage such as a separate professional policy is necessary.

Workers Compensation

Safety first is the best plan.  Protective measures such as training and a culture of caution can cut down on the number injuries sustained on the job.  However, good business practices require us to have a plan in place should something happen.

Workers Comp insurance provides defense for lawsuits involving job related injuries and are subject to each state’s workers’ compensation statutes.  Workers Compensation coverage is not mandatory in Texas, yet non-subscribers assume lots of risk when it comes to legal defenses and costs in the event of a claim.

Important Note: Non-employees such as volunteers are not covered for injuries sustained during their work on your behalf.  There are other arrangements which can accommodate this group.  Talk with one of our consultants about these options.

Business Auto

Driving around town or even out of town to handle sales calls and other business related activity is necessary for most of us.  Business auto insurance policies help protect companies against any claims for bodily injury and property damages to third parties that result from the operation of owned, hired and non-owned vehicles.   This is an important piece of your overall business risk management strategy.

It’s also possible to include coverage for damage to owned and hired vehicles if need be.  And for organizations that utilize volunteers, coverage should be evaluated using the same standards as company employees.

Cyber Security

We are all relying more on cyber technology to run our lives as well as our businesses and that’s not likely to change any time soon.  Cyber dependency is touted as one of the most important trends in global development in the next decade.  With the migration to these technically advanced tools comes the need to secure them as well as the information they contain.

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