Energy is a uniquely diverse industry and everyone in the Permian Basin is affected by the fluctuating price of oil.  The stakes are high as are the rewards and risks.  Various players have distinctly different liabilities.

Our job at Cain Insurance Solutions is to listen and help you evaluate every aspect of your business, determine your exposure, and develop a plan that will minimize risks to assure maximum profitability.

Insurance products are standard, but having an experienced representative who will work on your behalf, take the time to learn your business and your risks, and craft a plan with the right policies and the right level of coverage is a true service.  Being over insured yields unnecessary costs, but avoiding problems, the kind you may never recover from, is well worth the investment.  We help you find the perfect balance.

E & P

West Texas operators are no strangers to risks.  It’s nice when things go as planned, but how risks are managed over time is what makes operators successful.  In this business process, partners are infinitely important. How you manage those relationships can determine your success.  We help our clients successfully execute partner agreements by providing specialized wording to best specify and limit any assumed risks which are unique to each company, situation and contract.  Let us help make sure all possible scenarios are accounted and planned for with each of your partner agreements.

o   Investors
o   Service Providers

      • Drillers
      • Acidizing & fracking companies
      • Roustabouts
      • Trucking companies
      • Other Independent Contractors
o   Employees
      • Workman’s comp
      • General ebb and flow associated with demand (contingent on the price of oil)
      • Finding good people and training newbies that come over from other industries
      • Protecting proprietary and competitive information

o   Equipment & Assets
      • Theft (common problem when oil prices are high)
      • Normal wear & tear
      • Damage
o   Cyber Security
      • What are the unforeseen threats and what you can do about them
o   Pollution Exposure
      • Leaks, damage and fire



Avoid leaving money on the table.  Let our risk managers review your contracts and help make the most of every aspect of your agreements.
o   Expenses
o   Royalties
o   Risk management



This ever changing side of the industry is intricately complex.  New technology is constantly altering the face of these services, along with their equipment, processes, procedures, and, of course, associated liabilities.  It’s important to choose an insurance and risk management specialist with energy specific expertise and experience in dealing with specific challenges associated with the energy industry.

Master Service Agreement

These contracts are designed to protect the operator and transfer as much risks off of them and on to partners like you.  Sometime these master service agreements are worded so that service partners assume liabilities they shouldn’t have to.  We can interpret all of the policy language and accurately evaluate your risks and options allowing you to avoid unnecessary and devastating problems if something were to go wrong, especially if it wasn’t your fault.



Allowing a policy to cover the business risks you would otherwise carry.