Private Schools

Just as you work to find the right administrative team, teachers, curriculum and educational tools, you need a business strategy that includes proper protection.  Without an insurance plan in place, one incident could shut your doors.

The level of coverage you need depends on many factors which is why we provide comprehensive evaluations so you have all the information to make the best and most informed decisions.

We know you go to great lengths to provide the best learning environment, but just like any business entity or organization you carry liabilities.

A baseline protection plan should include the following and be customized to your needs as an institution of learning…

  • Cyber Liability Insurance – As an educational institution, you house sensitive information about your students and staff, including social security numbers, medical and shot records, payment information and more. If this information is compromised, which can happen more easily than you realize, the repercussions could be costly.  Don’t get stuck with this unbudgeted expense.
  • Auto Liability – We help you find the right level of protection when it comes to special functions as well as every day errands.
  • General Liability Insurance – A General Liability Insurance policy is a first line of defense for commonplace occurrences. We have the expertise to put together the right level of coverage so that your school is properly protected without overpaying.
  • Property Insurance – We understand the importance of your ability to be quickly up and running should any damage to the property occur.
  • Sexual Abuse Liability – We know you work hard to keep everyone at your school safe, but the longevity of your institution depends on your ability to recover from this or any unforeseen catastrophe.
  • Tuition Reimbursement Insurance – Your budget plan depends on the number of students enrolled. But what happens if a handful of students have to leave midyear due to the bust cycle of the oil business or some other unexpected reason?  Tuition Reimbursement Insurance can help you stay on track to keep the doors open and the lights on in this scenario.
  • Student Accident Insurance – You take great care to make sure everyone is safe, but accidents happen even with meticulous planning. Let us help you determine where you might be exposed.

We have the expertise to customize these and other policies to fit what makes your institution unique.  We get it because we live here too!  Teresa and the team at Cain Insurance Solutions are personally vested in the local educational landscape.  There is no one size fits all solution to insurance or education and we want to see to it that our community continues to have great options for learning.