No matter how big or small, Cain Insurance Solutions is here to provide innovative solutions for ALL your insurance needs.

We want to help small businesses get a successful start so we can cultivate and watch your business prosper and help larger businesses continue in their success while effectively covering their assets.  At Cain Insurance Solutions, we will optimize our relationships with national carriers so your company will have the benefits of the larger reach with hometown agency service. We are a one stop shop to assist and implement risk management solutions to maximize your coverage and to fit into your budget. 

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Property and Casualty Insurance

We cannot predict the future but what we can control is how much protection your business has. If you are able to rest assured you are properly insured and your risks are managed appropriately, you can focus on a successful path forward. What makes Cain Insurance Solutions more than just an insurance agency is the relationship we establish with each of our clients. We strive to have a deep understanding of your business, your goals, and your budget.  If we can see the big picture, we can use our expertise to build a creative and holistic solution for EVERY business no matter how big or small. 

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Life and Health

With changes in the healthcare system happening more often than not, Cain Insurance Solutions will be your one stop shop to assess the needs of your business and the needs of your employees.  We are able to tap into several creative, flexible, and long-term solutions to fit the needs of individual situations.

According to several surveys, Employee Benefits is the one of the most important factors when making a decision to accept an employment opportunity.  If it is a priority for your employees, it should be a priority for you… and we are here to make it easy!

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