With over two decades in the insurance business, we understand the needs of businesses are continually evolving along with the solutions for minimizing risks.

A recent trend in the insurance industry is more and more locally owned agencies are being operated by large regional or national firms. A client may not notice a change initially, but the new service model means that clients are left without an advocate. Genuine help, customer care and answers to tough questions are often buried in layers of call centers as local representatives are now focused entirely on writing new business.

Navigating the maze of risk assessment, premiums, claims and problem solving is highly unique to each client this recent shift in how insurances agencies are serving their clients leaves a large segment of our local market under served.

After seeing many local businesses fall through the cracks when being served by the larger firms, we decided to search for a superior and more community-oriented solution. Cain Insurance Solutions was created so that we could focus on meeting the insurance and risk management needs of businesses, nonprofits, churches, private schools, professionals, contractors, oil and gas producers, service companies and other businesses native to Texas.

Teresa Cain

Teresa Cain

Teresa Cain is originally from McGregor Texas, just outside of Waco. She attended Baylor University, where she earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with dual majors in Insurance and Information Management Systems.

Teresa is well known for her industry expertise and her creative approach to solving problems. Her clients appreciate her willingness to help and she genuinely cares for those she serves. Teresa is a Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) as well as a Certified Risk Manager (CRM) and she teaches insurance principles to local business and nonprofit leaders upon request.

Her work experience includes 20+ years of experience in leadership with industry leading firms such as The InWest Group and Mims & Smith Insurance Agency. In June of 2015, Teresa decided to start her own firm, Cain Insurance Solutions, a division of Insurance One Agency.

Cain Insurance Solutions specializes in meeting the insurance and risk management needs of, businesses, nonprofits, churches, private schools, professionals, contractors and oil & gas producers/service companies.

In addition to Teresa’s professional accomplishments, she is also profoundly involved in the community alongside her husband of 20+ years, Paul and their two daughters, Savannah and Abbey. Teresa is a dedicated volunteer having served multiple organizations including Midland Shared Spaces, Camp Fire of West Texas, The Junior League of Midland, Bynum School, MARC, Inc., Trinity School of Midland and The NonProfit Management Center to name a few.