Without a proper risk management strategy, one major problem could shut your doors.

Managing high level projects with lots of moving parts is no easy undertaking.  There are many opportunities for unexpected things to happen and unforeseen expenses to incur.  Business insurance helps you minimize the financial impact of these commonplace exposures so that you can maximize profitability and survive an otherwise debilitating surprise.

Meet with our staff for a custom evaluation.  The right amount of coverage depends on the size of your business and the amount of liability you carry.    

  • Workers Compensation – Workers Compensation insurance is required by law. You must have a policy to cover workers who become injured on the job.
  • General Liability – General Liability covers you in scenarios where your products or services cause damage or harm to someone or their property.
  • Property – Property Insurance covers your assets such as equipment from damage and/or theft.
  • Commercial Auto – Commercial Auto Insurance is applicable if you and your employees drive during the course of business regardless if you have company vehicles or everyone uses their personal vehicles.

Remember, being over insured is unnecessary and costly but being under insurance could put you out of business.  At Cain Insurance Solutions, we work with you to strike the right balance.